Madicon is a Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anime, and Gaming convention that has something for everyone.

We usually run a myriad of competitions, from the gaming ones to the Costume Contest. There are table-top games to participate in, and enough panels and workshops for anyone’s interests. We also run an Art Auction and have plenty of interesting vendors attend.

The convention also runs a Geek Auction and Charity Art Auction to raise funds for the Wildlife Center of Virginia. The Center has traditionally come to the convention and given a fantastic Birds of Prey demonstration.

We have hosted some wonderful guest panelists, including C.J. Cherryh, R.K. Post, Patricia C. Wrede, Jim Butcher, Margaret Weis, and David Gerrold.

In previous years, we have run LARPs with PST Productions and White Wolf. Additionally, Garrison Tyrannus of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion has attended Madicon annually for quite some time now, including last year.

What is Madicon?