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2:30 PM - Room C - Learn to Breakdance: Shawn Ellis will teach you how to break dance probably.

2:30 PM - Room I - Steven Universe - Should It Be Over?: Kevin and Dan discuss why all good things should come to an end.

3:00 PM - Room H - Break the Chains! - A Kaiserreich Alternate History Experience: Come and Watch Zach and Nick discuss the rise of the Syndicalist revolutions in the alternate history universe of Kaiserreich. They will discuss both the background and meaning behind the events, as well as how they relate to our own universe.

3:30 PM - Room D - SFFG Memes: Yarrrrrrr, matey! That be the Crab Code! Join Vice President Andrew Joyce as he explains the intricacies of the Crab Code and other fun SFFG Memes.

4:00 PM - Room I - FEAST 2019: What is it?: An introduction for newbies and others- Basically an ad for feast 2019. Start with an overview of what feast is, whats included, and some teasers for next year's feast.

4:30 PM - Room H - Canons are Great but Canon is Dumb: Why We Should All Stop Caring about Canon!: Kevin shares his thoughts on the idea of canon, and why it isn’t as important as you probably think. 

5:00 PM - Room D - What is the Honerverse?: Jeremy Baxter leads a discussion on what exactly is the Honerverse.

5:00 PM - Room I - Cosplay 101: A comprehensive panel on how to get into cosplay and some helpful resources so you don't go broke. With Cosplay Guest CiciCosplays!

6:00 PM - Room C - Jojo and Sh*t (18+ Content): Caitlin and Gary discuss "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure" and other random things.

6:00 PM - Room J - Crusader Kings II: How History Works (18+ Content):_Explore how history truly is versus how it is recorded with a let's-play of Crusader Kings II

7:00 PM - Room H - NickChip Podcast: We Play Games You (Probably) Have Never Heard Of: A Podcast that talks about an assortment of stupid things going on on the projector screen while playing games you've (probably) never heard of.

8:00 PM - Room J - Relax, and Help Me Beat a Text Adventure: It's simple! Pull up a chair and relax to the music while SFFG Legend George plays an old text adventure on a projector.

8:00 PM - Room H - Dragon Age Romance: Ranking the Best and Worst Lovers in the Game (18+ Content): Kaitlynn and Emma rank Dragon Age characters and their romances in an unbiased (and extremely biased) ranking system! Perfect for those who love Dragon Age Series or listening to a nerd rant and rave about beloved characters.

9:00 PM - Room C - Story Time With Kevin: Kevin recounts bygone stories from around Harrisonburg and beyond.

9:00 PM - Room D - The Most Optimal Date (18+ Content): Have you ever sat in a SFFG meeting and thought to yourself, "Who's this ravishing tall guy talking at me? And how do I get him to date me?" Then do we have the panel for you! For one day only, you can find out how the current SFFG President, Nicholas Oliveira, ticks, and more importantly: how to win his heart.


9:00 AM - Room D - Want to Start Your Own Sy-Fy Club?: A talk with Jeremy Baxter about The Royal Manticore Navy (TRMN), and details for anyone who would like to join.

10:00 AM - Room J - Silverdain Wargaming Club: Several Hours of LARP techniques, Weapon building, sparring.

10:00 AM - Room I - A Cultural Analysis of Terror in Resonance: Terror in Resonance takes bold steps to frame a cultural narrative that has its roots in post-WWII politics. We will be looking at Japan's dark history through the lens of this show and how it is impacting their future.

11:00 AM - Room C - Identity Exploration through Roleplaying Games: A roundtable discussion about how roleplaying games can be a safe and healthy way to experiment with your personal identity.

11:00 AM - Room I - Hand Sewing 101: An introduction into the advantages of knowing how to handsew, and a guided activity on how to sew some basic stitches. With Cosplay guest CiciCosplays!

12:00 PM - Room H - Methods of Storytelling in RPG Maker Games: An analysis of different RPG maker horror games and how they handle identity, storytelling, and a deconstruction of tropes.!WARNING! Spooky and Bloody Imagery.

12:00 PM - Room I - Learn to Knit: Learn how to knit with Vice President Andrew Joyce.

12:30 PM - Room D - Pathfinder vs. Dungeons and Dragons 5E: A discussion about which is better: 5E or Pathfinder.

1:00 PM - Room C - D&D Character Pageant: One hour to make a D&D character to be judged for small prizes

1:00 PM - Allegheny Room - Meet the 501st and armoring the Legion!

2:00 PM - Room I - Cosplay First Aid for Makeup, Photos and Social Media: Comprehensive tips and tricks about makeup, photos, and putting your cosplay on social media. We'll be doing some demos and complimentary photos as well if you want to come in your cosplay!

2:00 PM - Room H - Trekyards: A discussion on the ships of Star Trek.

3:00 PM - Vendor Room - Costume Contest: A judged contest for your lovingly-crafted costumes from all fandoms. All skill levels and ages are welcome.

4:00 PM - Room I - What's the D&D Fighter Actually Wearing?: A Suit of Armor Explained!: Local medieval re-enactor Kevin Sarp gives a piece by piece tour of his 13th century suit of armor.

5:00 PM - Room I - Make your own Chainmail Dice Bag: Hands on intro to a simple armor/costume making project.

5:00 PM - Room C - Rambling About Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Join the young and very cute SFFG Secretary Lucas Strigel as he rambles about one of the most underrated T.V. shows of all time, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

6:00 PM - Room H - FEAST 2019: How to Make It Better: A (Civil) discussion panel where people yell at Mack about how Feast can be made better. Suggestions need not be listened to, but will be considered with great severity.

6:00 PM - Room D - Why Books are Better than Movies: A talk about the power of the written word, and poke some fun at some of our favorite book to movie fails.

7:00 PM - Room D - Lets Go to DragonCon (18+ Content): If you have ever thought about making the sojourn to Atlanta please come by. We will talk about cost and events. This would be a great place for people to network, to make connections and plans for Labor Day Weekend.


10:00 AM - Room C - The History of Sports Anime: Sports has been a popular genre of anime since its inception, and recent hits like Yuri On Ice and Haikyuu have made it even more popular than ever. Come and watch as I break down the history of this storied genre from its humble beginnings.

11:00 AM - Room C - Monster Prom Rally (18+ Content): Play a couple multiplayer rounds of Monster Prom with us and battle each other for some freaky affection~?😤💕✨

11:00 AM - Vendor Room - Art Show Ends

11:30 PM - Run-Escape! The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Runescape: One hates it. One loves it. And one is old. What even is a Runescape? Join us as we delve into the greater mysteries of Runescape and how it has taken over SFFG.

12:00 PM - Vendor Room - Art Auction Begins!

12:15 PM - Room J - Don't Kinkshame Me! A Discussion of Shameful Kinks: Come discuss your kinks with open minded and like-minded individuals. NO MAPS or any pedophilia-related kinks will be discussed.