Hello everyone,


I'm sure you're all aware by now that the spread of COVID-19 has forced the cancellation of numerous events including JMU classes and student events starting the 16th of March. Though Madicon does not fall into this period (meaning we are technically allowed to host it), the clear mandate from both the university and public health is to cancel the con for this year.


Though Harrisonburg itself has not had a case of the virus, the influx of con-goers poses a significant risk of introducing the virus to Harrisonburg. To hold the con under these conditions would be a selfish risk, no one wants the word about Madicon to spread because it brought COVID-19 to JMU. The team at Madicon apologizes for the disappointment and inconvenience this imposes, it wasn't an easy decision. For vendors and those who were travelling across states to come to Madicon, we are deeply sorry.

Please visit the Madicon Facebook page for more information. Madicon will be expected to take place again next year.

Once again, we are very sorry.

- The Madicon Team

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